Chalfonte Foundation and PuppetART Collaborate to Create puppetTV

Detroit, MI – The Chalfonte Foundation and PuppetART are proud to announce a new collaboration to produce a monthly internet television live broadcast of a variety show called puppetTV. The show will feature puppet and youth hosts, along with a diverse range of human and puppet guests, and will be filmed at various locations throughout Detroit.

The Chalfonte Foundation is a nonprofit organization that supports arts and cultural programs in Detroit through its Arts and Culture Initiative. PuppetART is a Detroit-based puppet theater and museum that has been creating innovative and engaging puppet performances for over 20 years.

The Chalfonte Foundation and PuppetART share a commitment to showcasing the cultural diversity and history of Detroit, and puppetTV will provide a unique and creative platform to do just that. The show will include pre-recorded footage of puppets and youth interviewing local business owners, community members, and visiting historic sites, parks, playgrounds, and more. Live segments will involve the puppet and human hosts interviewing their guests and showing footage of videos taken during their visits.

In addition to its entertainment value, puppetTV will also have educational components such as science experiments, art making, and other learning demonstrations. Guests will share stories about the people and places that make up Detroit’s rich history and character, providing viewers with insight into the cultural diversity of the area.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with PuppetART to create puppetTV,” said Aaron Timlin, President of the Chalfonte Foundation. “Their innovative and engaging approach to puppetry is truly inspiring and the educational components of the program have proven to be engaging and informative for the children and families we serve.”

puppetTV will be filmed at various locations throughout Detroit, with the first live broadcast being aired as a holiday special during Noel Night in Detroit’s Cultural Center. The show will be produced with the help of youth involved in writing, performing, and producing the broadcast, providing an opportunity for them to learn and grow in their creative and technical skills.

“We are honored to be collaborating with the Chalfonte Foundation to produce PuppetTV,” said Igor Gozman, Artistic Director of PuppetART. “We believe that this show has the potential to make a positive impact on the community by showcasing the diverse and rich cultural history of Detroit in a unique and engaging way.”

The Chalfonte Foundation and PuppetART are excited to bring puppetTV to the Detroit community and look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration.  Both organizations are seeking applications from youth to participate as cast and crew on the production.  Scholarships are available for classes in puppetry, acting, set design and construction, cinematography, editing and broadcasting.

To apply or for more general information contact PuppetART at


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